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“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.”

[my art blog dedicated to everyday muses]

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Feb 23 '12

We Found Love - Rihanna ( Bangkok Version )

This is literally the best video ever, I am just crying over it. Tears of blood.


Feb 22 '12
Sep 1 '11

(via style rookie)

I don’t have anything visual of it for showing off right now, but I do have a video of me lip-synching to “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift I made for Hello Giggles. It is about how it feels to be an Outsider (cuz of my glasses) and unloved by boiz (glasses). Plus I have black lipstick and a goth gurl shirt (and glasses). Now you know that I truly understand teenage girls and can get through to them and have a successful Media Internet Network Website.

Love this chick to bits. Also follow her new online mag here.

Jun 27 '11

Here it is:this is my second animation for multimedia class,this time with clay!

We were given difficult themes for this semester like abuse and prostitution and homosexuality,but I couldnt decide on one so I mixed quite a few :) Its quite abstract but due to the themes I don’t recommend watching this around children. Also I have to warn you the music gets a bit loud at one point so you maybe want to turn down your speakers.

(Soundtrack is See That My Grave Is Kept Clean by Keiji Haino,rights and ownership go to the respective artist and producers.)

Would love to know what you think!

Nov 20 '10

Free to Fly by ~tigrin

I was younger than them and I was different and I did not talk.

When I did open my mouth the kids would laugh and point and tease and so I always felt like I said the wrong things so I decided not to say anything at all, which of course gave them other reasons to laugh and point and tease. In my silence I took comfort amongst my dolls and crude toys I would make, and the books that I read. As I grew older, the characters that I drew. I felt they understood me better than those kids,who said I was stupid or stuck-up or strange,and single me out on any sort of taunt or prank.

This video brought that all back to me, and how I am actually really grateful I had these muses,these characters to give me hope. Kind of makes me wish I still had as vivid an imagination because lord knows I still feel like I never know what to say right, or what to do.

Nov 16 '10




Why do I sound like Elmo?

Sep 26 '10

Video response to finally having Season 4 of the IT Crowd,hell yeah!!

Thanks again Roary( ,go follow now!) for sharing the files,I was almost losing all hope of ever seeing it,and see I did do something in thanks haha.

And omg Dza,Munny,I never realized what you guys had to put up with just being around me,till I played back the vid and saw what a spaz I am.Dear god. Oh well! IT CROWD SEASON 4!!!!

Sep 9 '10


The original title for this should be Day Ten: One confession. but I thought about it and decided to make a compilation of confessions instead. So there.

Day Ten: A compilation of confessions.

This is the best and most beautiful challenge post I have ever seen.I really hope you don’t mind dear Plaridel,that I reblogged this becasue I want to share your genius to as many people as I can because beautiful things should not go to waste.And Happy Birthday dear. You are a jewel.

Jul 5 '10

A Day in the Life by Roselle Manlunas(er,me.)

My first ever Animation,done in stop motion for my Multimedia class.Yes its a bit rough but what can I say I’m sorta proud of it.Done with my trusty d60,a tripod and lots of scissor snipping.Enjoy!Tell me what you think?