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Feb 28 '14


it always disappointed me that Monster Girls are an anime porn thing rather than something used to explore the way society and the media dehumanises women, but oh well

shout out to all my fellow monsters

The most heartbreaking thing is about every single girl knows or can relate to this feeling at one point in their lives and it the most unfair of all things.

Feb 9 '14

A 14 year-old boy was recently raped at knife-point by a 20 year-old woman. When the story broke, it was primarily men who claimed he should have enjoyed it. It was feminists who validated his pain and spoke in support of him.

This is why we need feminism.


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"but men get raped too-"


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Jan 11 '14



Ad from India which shows men how creepy they are when looking at women. 

fucking spot on

I like how the ladies in the ad are all wearing different kinds of clothing too from fully covered up to not.

SPOT ON. Thank you whoever made this ad.

Jan 6 '14
"My theory is that people in this day and age want to dismiss things. So they want to be able to dismiss you.They say, ‘You don’t belong, you don’t deserve this because here’s why, and let me find an intellectual argument for why you wearing pink or cuff sleeves or a bow makes you not worthy of your accomplishments. Everything you’ve done doesn’t matter because you wore the wrong thing or you speak in a way that’s feminine or you identify yourself as feminine.’ And I just think that’s bullshit. And smart people are doing it, and that’s surprising to me. I’ll give them being smart, but they’re being very shortsighted."
Zooey Deschanel interviewed by  Marie Claire  magazine
Mar 9 '13
Feb 23 '13


“If you are a woman. If you are a Person of Colour. If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, if you’re a person of size, if you’re a person of intelligence, if you’re a person of integrity, then you are considered a minority in this world. And it’s gonna be really hard to find messages of self-love, and support anywhere, especially women’s and gay men’s culture. It’s all about how you have to look a certain way or else you’re worthless. You know when you look in the mirror, and you think, ‘Ugh, I’m so fat, I’m so old, I’m so ugly’, don’t you know that’s not your authentic self, but that is billions upon billions of dollars of advertising, magazines, movies, billboards, all geared to make you feel shitty about yourself so that you will take your hard-earned money and spend it on some turnaround cream that doesn’t turnaround shit.

When you don’t have self-esteem, you will hesitate before you do anything in your life. You will hesitate to go for the job you really wanna go for. You will hesitate to ask for a raise. You will hesitate to report a rape. You will hesitate to defend yourself when you are discriminated against because of your race, your sexuality, your size, your gender. You will hesitate to vote. You will hesitate to dream. 

For us to have self-esteem is truly an act of revolution. And our revolution is long-overdue.”

Inspirational Women I Love —> Margaret Cho

Holy shit, I love this.

Dec 24 '12
Sep 16 '12


“Accurate Stereotype”

I chose this as the title because of two reasons. Besides the obvious fact that it is an oxymoron, first reason is that the typical stereotype of a fat person are as follows:

Fat people have low self esteem

Fat people are unattractive

Fat people are DESPERATE

Second reason: I am not an accurate stereotype

The reason we did the photo shoot was because after I wrote a blog called “Because I Am Fat, I Can’t Have An Attractive Boyfriend,” I wanted to show every single ignorant person in society that they are absolutely wrong. So in order to execute my idea, I went to my friend and amazing photographer, Ken Lew. He really liked the idea and wanted to make this work for me.

As we wall know, I am very shy when it comes to taking serious photos. Not because I have LOW SELF ESTEEM, but because I’m not used to actually posing. What I am used to is making goofy faces, and being silly all the time. Never in my life have I actually thought for one second I’d be doing what you usually only see “skinny” girls do.

I think a lot of big girls think that being confident means posting pictures of themselves half naked. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I just feel there are ways to show your confidence with your clothes on which I think is fair to say. Being confident is a way of thinking rather than a way of doing. There will be times when you have down days, everyone has them, but the key to confidence is that knowing you are beautiful the way you are, no matter what shape or size your body is. Attractiveness isn’t a set concept, it varies from person to person, it is fluid, not restricted to a specific type of person.

Hopefully some of you think twice about the negativity you feel towards yourself and what you are capable of. Don’t feel limited because people are saying you shouldn’t be able to do what you want or be with who you love because of your size. These pictures were taken to show that you do NOT have to be skinny to be attractive. You do NOT have to be a skinny person to be with a fit person. You should NOT let society make you feel ugly, desperate, label you, or objectify you because being fat does not mean you are worth less than anyone else.

Please visit my friend, and amazing photographer Ken Lew’s page, and LIKE IT! It’d mean so much to me and I’m sure he’d really appreciate it as well!

Do I even NEED more reasons to love this girl more?

Jul 4 '12


I am a Teenage Feminist: Yes, I’m a Feminist. No, I’m not Perfect




It seems like every time I get into a debate with a white dude, they have some expectation that I have to be a perfect feminist in order to be a feminist. If I’m not perfect, they automatically assume that I am hypocrite. 

This is so ridiculous and it pisses me off to no end. 

I’m not talking about being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. I’m talking about being a fan of Glee or like Victoria Secret or wearing make-up or something like that. 

White dudes like to use those things against me as “proof” that I’m a hypocrite and thus everything I say is invalid.

Like, I am a multifaceted person. I can like shit I know is fucked up, and I can do fucked up shit, and I can make mistakes, and I can still be a feminist. 

I’m not a perfect person and I live in a patriarchy, I am going to buy into it from time to time. That doesn’t mean what I have to say isn’t valid.    

emphasis mine.

feminism isn’t some monolithic 10 commandments rule book. feminists disagree with each other about things and change their minds about things and make mistakes and grow and learn. it’s not like you’re gonna find any two feminists that think EXACTLY the same. i mean damn, do we really have to explain to people that we are multi-faceted people with layer upon layer of other moral convictions?

feminism is a lens through which we can analyze the world we live in and guide our decisions by, but that doesn’t necessarily mean our interpretations of the world are the same. and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will ALWAYS sacrifice the benefits of social conformity in a patriarchal society for our principles. bottom line: the label doesn’t define the person, the person defines the label.

Yes, this commentary because the majority of arguments I get in with other feminists are because we disagree on some aspect of feminism, and the other person thinks I am wrong/a bad feminist because of it. THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO FEMINIST. There are radical feminists, liberal feminists, anarchist feminists, enviro-feminists, Muslim feminists, womenists, etc. We don’t all agree! And we don’t all have to agree! It’s okay that feminism isn’t monolithic, it’s one of the things that makes us great.  

EXACTLY. Feminism is supposed to empower us (not just women btw, EVERYONE regardless of gender/orientation/identification) to make our own informed choices on how you want to live, and the dignity and respect to do so. Trying to force someone else to believe your “version” of feminism is just COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT.

Jul 3 '12

this is great.

Yes yes yes. Thank you whoever wrote this for putting it in such a perfect way.


this is great.

Yes yes yes. Thank you whoever wrote this for putting it in such a perfect way.