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“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.”

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Sep 16 '12


“Accurate Stereotype”

I chose this as the title because of two reasons. Besides the obvious fact that it is an oxymoron, first reason is that the typical stereotype of a fat person are as follows:

Fat people have low self esteem

Fat people are unattractive

Fat people are DESPERATE

Second reason: I am not an accurate stereotype

The reason we did the photo shoot was because after I wrote a blog called “Because I Am Fat, I Can’t Have An Attractive Boyfriend,” I wanted to show every single ignorant person in society that they are absolutely wrong. So in order to execute my idea, I went to my friend and amazing photographer, Ken Lew. He really liked the idea and wanted to make this work for me.

As we wall know, I am very shy when it comes to taking serious photos. Not because I have LOW SELF ESTEEM, but because I’m not used to actually posing. What I am used to is making goofy faces, and being silly all the time. Never in my life have I actually thought for one second I’d be doing what you usually only see “skinny” girls do.

I think a lot of big girls think that being confident means posting pictures of themselves half naked. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I just feel there are ways to show your confidence with your clothes on which I think is fair to say. Being confident is a way of thinking rather than a way of doing. There will be times when you have down days, everyone has them, but the key to confidence is that knowing you are beautiful the way you are, no matter what shape or size your body is. Attractiveness isn’t a set concept, it varies from person to person, it is fluid, not restricted to a specific type of person.

Hopefully some of you think twice about the negativity you feel towards yourself and what you are capable of. Don’t feel limited because people are saying you shouldn’t be able to do what you want or be with who you love because of your size. These pictures were taken to show that you do NOT have to be skinny to be attractive. You do NOT have to be a skinny person to be with a fit person. You should NOT let society make you feel ugly, desperate, label you, or objectify you because being fat does not mean you are worth less than anyone else.

Please visit my friend, and amazing photographer Ken Lew’s page, and LIKE IT! It’d mean so much to me and I’m sure he’d really appreciate it as well!

Do I even NEED more reasons to love this girl more?

Jul 31 '12


50 Shades Of Shiii | CHOLA CHAT!

Baby Smiley, Maria, and Rosario discuss 50 Shades of Grey and try to make their own story.

I LOVE Maria, even though she doesn’t have eyebrows as high as the sky.


Aug 10 '11

Confessions To La Quandra (by glowpinkstah)

OH sweet lord I am so happy Gloria reposted this,it was gone for so long. This will never get old and un-quotable,stuupiiiihhh.

Jan 16 '10

frig she posted me!!!<3 <3 <3 (# 15)


do like a barbie tutorial or something equally ridiculous please?

I have quite a few things up my sleeeeeeeve

haygirlhayy - I fucking love you. Not a question I guess, more of a confession. Me and my friends practice our bitch eyebrows daily… my technique is getting pretty spot-on. See you on tumblr!

Hii!! LMFAO keep practicing them bitcheyebrowns!

Not really a question but, I want to say thank you for making your videos :) It definitely add in more laughter in my life after my break up =) Keep it up!

Thank you so much for watching :]
Sorry about your break up! and sorry for such a late response!

Did you watch Avatar in 3D?

Noo, I’m kinda over 3D movies tumblr loves you

omfg i love tumblr!

where have you hidden my unicorn!?

i’m sorry.. it’s in my anus!

quien, de todos de tus amigos, es el mas gordo?

LMFAO what a question.

I kinda wish i was like you. KINDA. cause i’m rather fat-ish for my age.My friends always push me aside because i’m not nice shaped enough for them. I kinda wished i had awesome friends like you. you are awesomee too. lols

Well.. this was sort of an awkward question.. or whateveryoucallit… but your friends are dumbasses. if they treat you like shit they’re not real friends. Friends should accept you for who you are, not what you look like.

are you Filipino?


Gloria, did you know your Avatar video is on Buzzfeed? :)

I love me some buzzfeed!

what is your background? (race)

mexican and filipino

what are your plans for future parodies?

not tellinggg!

I think you are amazing and your videos make me laugh til I think I’m gonna die…. so anyways, what is your favorite musical?

My top favorite musicals are: Mamma Mia, Miss Saigon, Rent, Wicked, Spring Awakening, Chicago, and many many many more.

your avatar tutorial is effn awesome. did you know that? ;p

you’re effin awesome :]

I love you do you know that?you make me feel proud to be a filipina,go pinoy pride!!


are you aware of your orgasmic amazingness!?

orgasmic yes, amazingness.. no. LMFAO.

What kind of computer do you own?


Do you like to drive, or be driven?

I’d rather drive.

Do you like to where thongs? lol


granny panties or thongy-thongs?

granny panties.

What is your favorite BoA song?


How did you get hooked up into being on Lopez Tonight?

I wasn’t really hooked up.. they came to me which is one of the best things ever to happen to me!

NOW this is a story all about how..

my life got flipped turned upside down.

Who is your favorite Disney character?


you left sanrio?! now i have no chance of seeing my idol =(

LMFAO… you may see me around, just not at Sanrio! And Idol?! awwww shucks..

Your vagina falls off, what do you do?



Whatever, I’m eating cheese fries.

if you had an ultimatum choice on who was your favorite character/person, would you choose Ariel or GaGa or Ryan!?!?


is george lopez handsome in person?

George Lopez is handsome 24/7 WATCHA!

How did you and Leo meet? How long have Leo and his boyfriend been dating?

Leo and I met at a strip club in mexico when i was 13.

hey glowpinkstah!(= dont you work at sanrio in gmall? me and my cousin hella love you. but today…she was all…”OMG I SAW GLORIA NAVA WORKING AT SANRIO THE DAY I SWOOPED A HELLO KITTY LANYARD”. what do you think of people who steal??

Noo I do not work there but I used to!

Why don’t you do a video spoofing the kim kardashian/carls jr commercial with baby smiley or maybe a new character? I think it would be a hit!

lmfao! I think Kim Kardashian is so beautiful!

wat would u rather wear to work, flannels shirt w/ underwear or a fancy channel suit?

Flannels shirt with underwear

why the hell are you so funny?! :) haha.

i don’t know!!??!

Will you come to Gloucester, Ma and hang out with my BFF lissa and i?!


Are you religious?

I wish I could be more religious.

From one fierce bitch to another fierce bitch…how hard to you like it? Follow me on tumblr at ronnasupremacy!

really hard?

U still virgin? :P

i still virgin?

Will you be making another Gaga Parody?

Not sure, all depends on the videos that come out!

What is your guilty pleasure?

some of heidi montag’s music. LOLOLOL.

Most embarrassing moment ever?

I don’t think I have one..

Are you a good cook?

Hmm.. I’m not sure.. for some reason I think all my food tastes the same.. lmao!

When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was little.. I’m not sure. LOL when I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a director.

Sweet, or salty?


Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life and continue making Youtube videos?

i hope so!

is your friend Ryan into girls? I have a crush on him

ryan likes loose vaginas.

also, what do you think of “famous” youtubers that take up the spotlight most of the time. do you find them obnoxious/egotistical??

Nooo! Not at all, I just think they’ve grown a lot on youtube and get hella subscribers over time and that’s why they’re always in the spotlight.. if that makes sense.

u said u use sony vegas im so confused i just got it and i suck at it how the fuck do they expect us to work this crap

LOL watch tutorials on youtube!

Ask me anything

Jan 12 '10



are you a cub?

is that some kind of sexual thing? lol i have no clue what that means.

Would you ever make a sex tape?

never. haha i actually don’t understand why people make them in the first place. maybe I should ask kim kardasian.

What age did you realize that you were gay?

I think growing up I always knew there was just something different about me. But it wasn’t until 7th grade when I actually started to figure out that I wasn’t into girls. haha the whole experience was sort of confusing, but I feel like I could write a whole book about it now.

Do you like wearing thongs?

I don’t were any, but I can imagine it would be very uncomfortable. haha

What’s your religion?

I was raised a catholic, but my views on religion have changed a bit these past few years. I defiantly believe there is a god, and I defiantly believe there is a reason for why we are all here on earth. But I don’t follow organized religion, because I feel like when MAN gets involved, a lot of evil and corruption can happen.

Gawd you are so frikkin’ hawt I kinda wish I were a hot gay man so you’d love me. What would it take for you to love me?

try growing a penis, then we’ll talk. LOL that makes me sound like such a $lut.

don’t you hate it when people compare ke$ha to gaga? i mean HONESTLY, that comparison is so invalid gaga all the way, yo!

Kesha doesn’t have SHIT on lady gaga! When it comes to true artistry, originality, and creativity lady gaga is on a whole other level that most artists in the industry only WISH they were on, and that includes kesha. I don’t see WHERE that comparison comes from, but all I know is that there is no comparing because gaga wins, bottom line. lol

I learned the whole bad romance dance… fuck me naoo. LOL

lol i love how these last 3 questions are all gaga related. if you want me to fuck you your gonna need to do a lot more than learn the dance! haha

marilyn, judy, sylvia, tell ‘em how you feel girls!…

dance in the dark is such a great song. lol im glad people know how much i love her.


cuz when hes lookin she falls apart!!! good god i love lady gaga. LOVE HER!

Thanks for the Q’s!

ask me anything.