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“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.”

[my art blog dedicated to everyday muses]
Sep 30 '12



  1.  Harpy
  2. Centaur

  3. Slime

  4. Naga

  5. Mermaid

  6. Spider Girl

  7. Plant Girl

  8. Octomaid

  9. Demon

  10. Succubus

  11. True Monster

  12. Zombie

  13. Insect Girl

  14. Dullahan

  15. Dragon/Reptile Girl

  16. Ghost

  17. Robot

  18. Alien

  19. Cyclops

  20. Satyr

  21. Canine Girl

  22. Feline Girl

  23. Yōkai

  24. Multiple Limbs

  25. Favorite Monster Girl

  26. Favorite Monster Girl Character

  27. A Truly Gruesome Girl

  28. A Group of Monster Girls Together

  29. A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other

  30. Celebrate Monster Girls!

You know, why not. I haven’t drawn regualrly in forever and I like drawing females. I like drawing animals. And I’ll do it on MS Paint just for the challenge of it.

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