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“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.”

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Sep 29 '12

Reading “Norwegian Wood” and it struck me how soothing it is to read about those simpler times and the letters they write to each other and how they go about describing the simplest things, the seemingly mundane things, the little things that for some reason or the other strike them amidst everything else that goes around in their day and in their heads and in the routine of their lives. How it adds that much color and nuance to the biggger issues they deal with. How, in writing a letter you pick and choose your words carefully, and how anxious and mixed up you can feel just grasping for the right way to say something, how to sum up that tangle of feelings inside you so that you can be sure you’d be understood just by simple lines of words on paper to be read not right then and now, but by someone some distance and time away.

Then I get sad that you don’t see that so much these days. These days people write letters to themselves on blogs and such, and those don’t tend to be so very long either. Heck, I’m doing that right now. Choosing your words carefully in a day and age where people say/tweet/post what’s on their mind right then and there seems like a lost art.

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