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“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.”

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Jun 4 '12

Thirteen Precepts for a Better Face

  1. Get to like your face.
  2. Faces grow beautiful when they are observed.
  3. Faces grow beautiful when they are complimented.
  4. Think of any unusual facial feature you have as the key to your own special charm.
  5. Stop being self-conscious about a feature, and people will stop noticing it.
  6. Every time you knit your brows, you scrunch up your stomach as well.
  7. Open up the space between your eyes, and your outlook on life will broaden as well.
  8. Keep your mouth and teeth clean, and smile easily.
  9. Make a point of keeping your countenance symmetrical.
  10. Look on your beautiful wrinkles or your beautiful bald head as the pride of your life.
  11. One-third of your life is spent sleeping. Put on a pleasant face before bed.
  12. Put on a happy face, and you’ll feel happy inside, and your life will be happy too.
  13. Pleasant faces and unpleasant faces are catching.

-The Evolving Face of the Japanese, Dr. Harashima Hiroshi

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